The Spectra 9 PLUS is a lightweight, portable option that’s great for on the go moms. Trust in the 2- to 3-hour battery life to conveniently pump away from home. 

The Spectra S2 Plus Pump boasts and features  Moms can feel confident they have an effective, powerful breast pump with a closed system.

The Spectra S1 PLUS

Breast Pump boasts the same abilities and features as the Spectra S2PLUS plus the portability of battery.

Pump In Style Advanced 

Double electric breast pump designed for moms who pump several times a day.  Like every Medela product, the award-winning Pump in Style is designed to make breastfeeding easier, so you can feed your baby with amazing breast milk for longer.

Kiinde Direct pumping is now available!

The Ardo Calypso Essentials

Breast pump is the only personal breast pump made in Switzerland!  It features independent vacuum and cycle adjustment - 64 total settings for maximum comfort and gentleness.  Closed system pump.

Tricare covered supplies 

  • Tubing and tubing adapters: 1 set per birth event.

  • Locking rings: 2 every 12 months

  • Bottles: 2 replacement bottles and caps/locking rings every 12 months following the birth event

  • Bottle caps: 2 every 12 months after the birth event

  • Storage bags: 90 bags every 30 days following the birth event

  • Valves/membranes: 12 for each 12 months following the birth event

 Other maternity products, call us today to learn more if you qualify!

Compression Stocking during  pregnancy

Compression stockings will help increase blood circulation and legs feel better. They can greatly reduce that sore and achy feeling. They can also help keep spider veins and varicose veins from forming and make the pain from them lessen.

Pregnancy Support Bands were designed by medical professionals for women who want to stay active, comfortable, and supported during pregnancy. These medical devices work by relieving pregnancy-related pressure from the abdomen, hips, and lower back to reinforce the body’s core.

Motif Postpartum Recovery Support Garments are FDA-listed medical devices designed by healthcare professionals for new moms to aid in healing and help recovery by stabilizing joints, reducing pain, and increasing mobility. 

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